Class Delivery Methods

Choose a Class Delivery Method that Fits Your Needs!

Champions School of Real Estate® is committed to providing our students with the best Real Estate education possible. That includes providing flexible and convenient delivery method options that can be tailored to fit anyone's schedule! If you are struggling to decide which option works best for you, look no further! The information below includes everything you need to know about each delivery method that we offer!

Please Note - The following delivery methods are not applicable to all courses. Look for the icons and notations throughout the website to identify which methods are available for each course.

Blended Classroom

Blended Classroom courses combine Correspondence and instructor-led classroom lessons with chapter quizzes and and a proctored exam. The classroom portion of the course is 15-hours. The final (closed-book) exam is proctored and graded at the end of the last day in the classroom. Students are expected to spend 15-hours studying the material independently of the classroom lessons. Students must attend all classroom hours and complete all chapter quizzes in order to take the final exam and complete the course.

Please Note - This Delivery Method is only applicable to Real Estate QE and SAE courses.


The Classroom delivery method offers instructor-led classroom sessions that present all of the required hours for the course in the classroom. If required, course exams are administered on the last day of the class and are graded and reviewed by the instructor. Students must attend all hours of the course and pass the exam to receive credit.

Virtual Classroom

Our fully interactive, real-time system, ChampionsLive!®, offers the unparalleled classroom experience of your local campus and instructors in an online format. This Virtual Classroom option allows the remote student or office to participate in a class as if they were actually there. Students are required to attend all course hours before accessing the exam. Once course hours have been attended and quizzes have been completed, the student must pass the exam to complete the course.

Online Interactive

Our immersive Online Interactive courses provide students with structured, Chapter-based modules complete with engaging animations, videos, and activities. The courses can be accessed from any mobile or desktop device that includes a browser and an stable internet connection without the need to download or install any additional software. Chapter quizzes and proctored exams are administered via the student account on These courses are for remote students who learn best with video and interactive activities.

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Please Note - This Delivery Method is currently only available for Real Estate QE courses.

Online Correspondence

Our convenient Online Correspondence delivery method allows you to study the course material at your own pace (materials available in online PDF or textbook format). The quizzes and exams are completed online and can be taken from anywhere with a stable internet connection. Students must pass all chapter quizzes before accessing the proctored course exam for Real Estate QE/SAE and Home Inspection qualifying courses.

Proctored exams can be scheduled and completed online using our ChampionsLIVE! Broadcast system or in a testing center at any one of our campus locations. All Real Estate QE/SAE and Home Inspection qualifying course exams are closed-book. Physical textbooks can also be picked up at any of our locations or can be shipped nationwide for an additional fee.

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(Loan and Appraisal Only)

These Online courses are timed and delivered through a third-party completely online without the use of any textbooks. Course material is presented in online modules along with multiple choice quizzes and or exams. Students must be able to access the internet via a web browser to take this course format. This method is ideal for people who cannot attend class at a campus but would still prefer a more guided learning experience.

Please Note - This Delivery Method is currently only available for certain Loan and Appraisal courses.

Champions Advantage

Students who purchase one of our Champions Programs can select the "Champions Advantage" option to customize the program to fit their needs by utilizing all of our delivery methods and resources. This option provides the most amount of freedom by allowing students to choose different delivery methods (Classroom, Online-Correspondence, Virtual Classroom, etc) for each course in the package.

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