Home Finance Resource (HFR)

The Home Finance Resource (HFR) certification course is a fantastic addition to any active sales agents knowledge base. From teaching sales agents how to guide buyers through the mortgage pre approval process, to covering resources for addressing low credit scores and alternative financing options like first-time homebuyer assistance or low down payment programs, and even how to avoid the most common mortgage sticking points in a transaction, the Home Finance Resource certification is a must-have for any agent!

HFR Certification Course

The Home Finance Resource (HFR) Certification course is offered as a stand-alone course to anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the mortgage and financing process. This 8-hour course can also be taken for CE credit in Texas only.

Home Finance Resource (HFR)

In this one-day course, agents will learn how to guide homebuyers through every step of the mortgage and financing process. With an HFR certification, you will be able to Lead homebuyers through the prequalification, preapproval, and financing processes; provide resources to homebuyers trying to purchase homes with low credit scores; help prospective homebuyers navigate alternative mortgage products; and articulate market conditions to homebuyers

  • Provider #0005
  • 8 Credit Hours (TREC)
  • Textbook(s) included

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