Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation (MSLG)

Real estate professionals know how critical it is to employ a creative and memorable marketing approach to generate leads, while clearly communicating services and value based on the buyer's needs and expectations. What is the best way to strike this balance? Do the same strategies work for different target markets? Students who take this course will understand how using proven networking, branding, and marketing strategies can build a Real Estate business. Students will learn how to use digital media and technology to effectively track and communicate with leads and how to successfully convert leads into loyal clients.

MSLG Course

The Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation (MSLG) course is available as a stand-alone course if you do not wish to purchase the full ABR program. Keep in mind that the following course(s) can also be purchased at a discounted rate within the ABR Program.

Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation (MSLG)

Learn to improve your marketing approach to generate leads.

This one-day course explores both traditional and cutting edge strategies to strengthen the real estate professional's marketing efforts and take them to the next level. The course also examines various tools and technologies available to maximize lead generation and market impact.

The Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation Course counts as one REBAC elective course to be applied towards the ABR® Designation.

Course Goals: Understand and demonstrate your value to today's buyer, acquire the skills and resources to succeed as a buyer's agent in a dynamic real estate market, help buyers find the right property at the right terms and price in both buyer's and seller's markets.

  • Provider #0005
  • 8 Credit Hours (TREC)
  • Textbook(s) included

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    • Marketing Strategy and Lead Generation (MSLG)

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