Certified Pool Operator®

Specialize in the Inspection and Maintenance of Pools/Spas

The Certified Pool Operator® (CPO) Certification is an assurance to pool, spa, and water feature owners that they are working with trained professionals. Some benefits include reduced liability and potential insurance savings; compliance with state and local regulatory requirements; and knowledge of the latest technical advancements.

Certified Pool Operator Course Options

Pool & Spa Certification

16 CE Credit Hours (TREC)

Learn the techniques and skills necessary for pool and spa operation and inspection.

This course is designed to provide individuals with the basic knowledge, techniques and skills of Pool and Spa operation, including inspection techniques and processes. If you want the CPI Certification, you must take the CPO certification first for an additional cost.

TREC Provider #0005 TREC Approval #44509 (Classroom / Live) Textbooks / PDFs included 5-Year CPO Certification Approved Subject: Optional Systems

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In this method, students must attend all hours in person. This method provides real estate classes that allow students to interact with instructors and peers. This method is beneficial for students who want to study alongside classmates. Students who thrive in conventional school environments will enjoy this method. Course exams are administered on the last day.

Virtual Classroom

Our ChampionsLive!™ virtual classrooms allow students to attend live classes remotely. In this format, classes will be live streamed via Zoom and students will be required to attend on set dates. This delivery method gives you the chance to ask questions and interact with instructors in real time. Each course has instructional assistants that answer questions during the lecture.

Online Correspondence

Through this method, you will study the material at your own pace. Materials are available in PDF or hard-copy textbook format. You will complete the quizzes and exams online. The final exam is closed-book and administered via ChampionsLive! or at a campus location.

Sample Course

Please Note - This method is only available for real estate QE/SAE/CE and some home inspection courses.

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