Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS)

The Accredited Luxury Home Specialist designation is a highly-specialized real estate credential awarded by the Luxury Home Council. In the required coursework, you'll learn how to market to affluent clients, develop a reliable luxury client base, negotiate on luxury homes, give excellent first impressions, prepare for luxury home showings, and cater your services to various luxury consumer types. With this esteemed designation, you'll join the Luxury Home Council's registry of agents and indicate your expertise to luxury clients.

How To Earn an ALHS Designation

Follow the steps below to earn an Accredited Luxury Home Specialist designation.

Step 1 - Complete the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist course at Champions School of Real Estate
Step 2 - Close two transactions in the luxury home field (where the purchase price is at least twice the average sales price in the local market) within 2 years of taking the course
Step 3 - Maintain membership in the Luxury Home Council (annual dues are $99) and your real estate regulatory agency. Annual dues are waived for the first year.

For more information about the Accredited Luxury Home Specialist (ALHS) designation, visit the Luxury Home Council website.

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The 10-hour Accredited Luxury Home Specialist course satisfies the course requirements for the ALHS designation.

Accredited Luxury Home Specialist

Designation Course 10 CE Credit Hours (TREC)

Thrive in the world of luxury real estate and join the Luxury Home Council’s registry of agents with this esteemed designation.

Learn how to:

  • Market to affluent clients and develop a reliable luxury client base
  • Negotiate as a luxury home specialist
  • Master the first impression and make luxury clients feel special
  • Prepare for luxury home showings
  • Cater your services toward various luxury consumer types
Textbooks / PDFs included TREC Provider #0005 TREC Course #42551

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In this method, students must attend all hours in person. This method provides real estate classes that allow students to interact with instructors and peers. This method is beneficial for students who want to study alongside classmates. Students who thrive in conventional school environments will enjoy this method. Course exams are administered on the last day.

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Our ChampionsLive!™ virtual classrooms allow students to attend live classes remotely. In this format, classes will be live streamed via Zoom and students will be required to attend on set dates. This delivery method gives you the chance to ask questions and interact with instructors in real time. Each course has instructional assistants that answer questions during the lecture.

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