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Prepare for an exciting career in the Home Inspection industry!

Successfully prepare for a new career in the Professional Inspection industry with our Qualifying Education available in a variety of convenient study formats. Our comprehensive home inspection courses are created and taught by award winning instructors to ensure you receive the most accurate and up-to-date information to help you become a Champion!

Texas Home Inspector Education

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Classroom, Online, or in the Virtual Classroom!

Virtual Classroom

Attend live classes from the comfort of your home! Our ChampionsLive virtual classrooms are perfect for students who prefer at-home learning, but also want live instruction.

Online (3rd-Party)

These courses are delivered via online modules without the use of textbooks. Ideal for remote learners who prefer a guided learning experience. Internet connection is required for this format.

Please Note - This delivery method is only available for certain loan origination and appraisal courses.

Online Correspondence

Do you learn best at your own pace? Through this delivery method, you get the textbook and teach yourself. Then, when you’re ready, take the test either online or at a Champions campus!

Sample Course

Please Note - This method is only available for real estate QE/SAE/CE and some home inspection courses.

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