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At Champions School of Real Estate®, our number 1 focus is your successful career in the Real Estate industry. We feel that we provide an unparalleled Real Estate education in Texas and our customers agree! As we expand into other states, that enthusiasm and satisfaction has spread to include people from all over the country! Here is what they have had to say:

  • Good afternoon Cyndi,

    Just a quick note to say thank you to Champions for providing me the education and confidence to pass the TREC sales examination on my first effort this morning. I met with you at your facility on 8/12, and since traveled and had a typical day to day life while studying.

    Two things are key:

    • The straightforward online directions of chronological steps and where (with links) to go to be registered for the courses, fingerprinting, and testing is invaluable.
    • The instructional content is complete and specific, the test(s) are remarkably similar to study guides, homework questions, and pre-tests.

    My course regimen was solely on-line, including the PREP for the exam. I would recommend Champions to anybody that has interest in passing the state examination, and more - to those who have an interest in LEARNING the information. I will hold onto the study materials in the event I need to refer to them in the future. I hope your other students have the same success. Like I said - I felt confident going in.


    - Chris Hale

  • Hi Becky,

    I just wanted to let you know that I had such a great time learning from you this weekend. You have a great skill, and is no coincidence that you've been so successful. I wish that when I get to have a broker, they are at least half as knowledgeable and interpersonal as you. Thank you for everything, and have a kick butt week!

    - Frank Ortiz

  • Just a quick note to say thank you for all your company does for new agents entering our industry! I have to say, the agents that we recruit from Champions are the best trained out there!!! You are making a HUGE difference on their success after completing their education!!! When a new agent comes to my office and I see they are from Champions, I know they are ready!

    - Tony Caliendo
    Owner/CEO KW Urban Dallas
    Team Leader KW Urban Dallas

  • Dear Champions Staff,

    Champions School of Real Estate will be my choice for any MCE classes that I will need in the future!!! I took previous MCE classes at a college location in Austin that changed their 2 day classes to a 4 day format and that does not work with my schedule. I just want to let you know that I truly enjoyed the 15 hour MCE Game Changers class with Allen Hancock!!!

    I learned so much from Allen Hancock and the students in the class. You learn from the experiences that other professionals in the field share and most of them are from the local San Antonio, New Braunfels, Canyon Lake and Seguin areas. Allen has a passion to teach and share trade information that makes his students more successful. I come from an educational background and the man has the gift to share knowledge with his students. Best of all, he kept it interesting!

    When Mr. Hancock had an emergency, you came up with a 'Plan B' that was absolutely wonderful! How thoughtful of you to order lunch! You let us keep working and learning (while eating lunch at your expense). Plus, we were able to complete the course in a timely manner and Mr. Hancock was able to handle his emergency. That action on your part was just awesome and I am grateful for your quick thinking to come up with a plan that worked for all involved!

    From the moment we walked in the door, you made us feel right at home. We got a welcome and direction on where to go for the class. The coffee and tea at break time was a special touch which means a lot!!! You will see me again for my next MCE update. I will be calling to make sure I get in Allen's class. Online and correspondence classes are fine, but nothing can replace the classroom with a knowledgeable instructor and the opportunity to network with other professionals in the industry. Champions is a top notch School of Real Estate with professional staff that make it happen! Keep up the hard work--it is appreciated! Thank you so much!

    Diana L. Hanz

  • Champions sets an industry standard of professionalism. The knowledgeable instructors and friendly staff create an atmosphere that truly inspires confidence for those on a new career path. The key to success is always a great foundation and Champions delivers!!

    - Tammy Gardner (REALTOR® / TAHS)
    Vice President, Williamson County Division
    JB Goodwin REALTORS®

  • Hello Jennifer,

    Just a short note of thanks for all of the help that you and your staff provided for me while taking my review at Champions School of Real Esate in Dallas! Both you and your team are the EPITOME of professionals, and your help was priceless. You make the whole process easy, understandable, and very pleasant to attend.

    I took your review and passed the exam the first time! You and your team are the very best! I wish you many happy returns as you continue to help those looking for a new real estate career in any endeavor. Please feel free to use me for any referrals at any time, as I am very appreciative of the help you provided me in study and testing! My partner and I sold a property three weeks after our first listing!

    Thanks again and best regards,
    Tommy L. Briscoe, REALTOR®

  • Hi Kim,

    I've recently finished my course work at Champions in Plano and am now eligible to take the real estate salespersons test in Texas. I have been a licensed real estate broker in three other states (New Mexico, Arizona and Alaska) and have been involved in real estate brokerage and commercial development for over 28 years.

    I just wanted you to know that my experience at Champions was a real pleasure. The staff and instructors are very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. It really was a great experience for me and is the best real estate school I've ever attended. I conveyed my thoughts to Cynthia and she asked if I didn't mind sharing my story with you. I am happy to do so and will recommend Champions to anyone looking to further their knowledge (or start from scratch) in real estate.

    Tim Irvin

  • Greetings.

    I enrolled with Champions online classes for the Salesperson Exam Review. Just for your records, I passed the state/national test with a 93% in each area. Thank you for helping me to complete that process with confidence!

    Kathleen Walstrom

  • Dear Pat and Champions Staff,

    I just want to thank you all for assisting me in passing my National and State exams. I have been a Loan Processor with Gold Financial for the last 7 years. I took an attempt at the National exam when we were first required to be licensed just to satisfy my supervisor's request. As a Processor, I was certain that I would pass the exam. I was mistaken. Fast forward to present day, my supervisor again requested that I take the exam to obtain my license. Having been defeated once and now having several more years of Processing under my belt, I realized that it was time for me to rid myself of 'the monkey on my back.' I signed up for the 20 hour course with Champions as well as the National and State prep courses. I must say, sacrificing 3 working days and 2 weekend days didn't really sound like my cup of tea per say. However, Pat made it fun and informative. Having that interaction helped me tremendously. Pat not only taught us the course material but he also taught us testing techniques. Now having all of these tools at my finger tips, I felt ready to take my exams. To prepare for my exams, I re-read the course material while taking notes and marking where I felt I struggled. I then re-took all of the chapter quizzes and then took some mock exams. For every question I got wrong, I re-reviewed that section. The morning of, I reviewed my notes and re-reviewed my struggles, took a deep breadth and told myself that I just needed to try. During my exam and as Pat had instructed, I read the question, read the answers, re-read the question and then re-asked myself the question. I found that by re-asking myself the questions, I was able to see what questions were designed to trick you. I marked very few questions for review. Upon going back to review, I could not find a better reason to change my answer so as Pat had instructed, I didn't change my answers.

    I honestly am beyond grateful for the days spent with all of you. Pat is a hoot and a great teacher. The rest of the Champions Staff was very welcoming and inviting and conversational all the while maintaining a professional atmosphere. When I decide to further pursue my career more (as Pat would say, 'I will not have just one source of income'), I will most certainly come back to you guys. You all were a blessing for me and because of all of you, I am well on my way to a new chapter in my career. I will forever market you guys to all who will listen and ask.

    -Danielle Payne

  • To Whom it May Concern,

    My name is DJ Friese, most recent student of the Professional Home Inspection courses there at Champions. I just took my State/National Exams on 7/7/17 and Passed both on the very first time. I owe a huge gratitude of Thanks to Champions School of Real Estate at the Houston North Branch and its staff for helping me accomplish this. I must say my experience while attending courses there, whether past or present, has always been exemplary and of the utmost professionalism that shows and bleeds thru each and every staff member there. I want to personally thank Mrs. Rita for having a vision of success and obviously her passion for helping people has bled over into the great staff who represent Champions Real Estate.

    I want to also thank Mrs. Rhondalyn Riley who in the past was my instructor for the CPO class I attended 4 years ago which was my very first experience with Champions Courses and was my instructor recently for all my Home Inspector courses except the exam prep course. Everyone knows that not anyone can stand in front of a large group and hold their attention for more than 5 mins unless you have a passion for what you do. Mrs Rhondalyn is a valuable tool and asset as an instructor there and her knowledge and style of teaching was impeccable. She kept the learning experience interesting and enjoyable the entire time each day even though some classes were 10 hours long..I didn't want to stop for breaks when she called out for breaks.

    Another big thanks goes out to Mr. Roy Carter who also made the learning experience enjoyable for the exam prep course. He is very knowledgeable also and has a passion for his career. I'm sure all the instructors there are the same as well which whom I haven't met or Mrs Rita wouldn't have them there I'm sure. I look forward to a most successful and glorious career as a Home Inspector which I have been dreaming about since I began a construction company in 1990. I can't believe I'm actually a Professional Home Inspector.

    I really want to thank you also Mrs Janie for helping me and answering all my questions and following up with my certificates ensuring that I had all the tools and materials to succeed. I can tell you have a passion for what you do. A blind person could walk in there and tell right away just from the sound from each and every one of the staff that there is an atmosphere of pride and the people are happy to be working at Champions. That atmosphere has definitely bled over into me as well. It has me wishing I could work there also someday either as an instructor or just being on the staff in some capacity.

    I never told anyone this but I was a Pastor for over 17 years and thru that experience I developed a lifestyle of not just speaking positive reinforcement into other people's lives but lived it as well. I am a motivational speaker and I love being around positive people and helping others to become positive. I literally didn't run into one person while I was there who wasn't positive. I look forward to attending additional classes there in the future. On a last note, I want to say if Champions wants to use me as a testimonial, I would proudly state my success story on how Champions Real Estate courses have helped accomplish this in my life. Again 'Thank You Champions.'

    - DJ Friese

  • Roy,

    I want to thank you for the wonderful program you and your cohorts have put together at Champions.

    For the last fifteen years, I was in IT and in that field, two thing are very apparent: One - you're almost always going to be working for 'the man' and two - your job can disappear overnight.

    Being a consummate do-it-yourselfer, I always had a hankering for working in the housing industry but at my age, I just couldn't envision myself starting over as a journeyman electrician or apprentice plumber. But last fall, fate intervened.

    In October, my girlfriend and I bought a house that required two inspections, one for us and one for the town of Aubrey. Prior to the inspections I started thinking that just maybe this might be a way to change careers.

    By the time inspection day rolled around, I had a bunch of questions ready and didn't hesitate to pluck their brains to find out more about the home inspection business. Independent of one another, both inspectors had almost the exact same answers; they work alone, they work for themselves, they both love what they do and both of them recommended getting involved. In fact the inspector I hired was the one who recommended Champions School of Real Estate. His name is Sammy Bickham and I'm very grateful to him for suggesting Champions. The rest as they say is history.

    - Tim Nicholas

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