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Framing (30-Hours)

This 30-hour Framing Course will help the student develop an understanding of the provisions regulating floor construction, including the sizing and installation of floor joists and girders; drilling and notching of floor framing members; engineered wood products such as trusses, glue-laminated members and I-joists; draft stopping; floor sheathing spans and installation; steel floor framing; and concrete slab-on-ground floors. It also covers the requirements for dealing with wall construction and wall covering, including wood wall framing details; headers in both exterior and interior walls; fire blocking; braced wall panels and braced wall lines; cripple walls; steel wall framing; masonry wall construction; exterior windows and exterior doors; gypsum board plaster, ceramic tile and other interior wall finishes; and exterior wall finishes such as siding, plaster and veneer.

Additional Information:

  • Course Approval # 29827 (Correspondence)
  • 30 Credit Hours (TREC) - Applied towards the 200-hour QE course requirement
  • Downloadable PDF Textbook
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